Cancer free Nation!

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A lively kid, a dignified granny or a lovely one with any or no relation,

Someone who chirped, giggled, walked, played and was living for a known or unknown reason;

One day, seemed to slow down, pause, felt a chill; not to blame was the season,

Yes something had struck, held hands and was trying to break the soul and body liaison.

Some fought and succeeded while some succumbed to the situation,

May there be stronger spirit to combat, may not end be the only solution;

It is not the disease but its cause that needs attention,

Love yourself and spread love, attacks are when within lies confusion.

40% of the cancer cases are preventable as researchers show with explanation,

Faith, joy, camaraderie, worthiness and related are the driving emotions,

Let us today vouch to practice these with true determination,

Eliminate this invader and make this a day of just remembrance of an extinct disease ‘A day to remember something called Cancer’, for the entire Nation.

Penned Down by:

Nivedita Singh

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