Dussera – Victory of Good over Evil

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We are amidst the celebrations of the much awaited nine day long Hindu festival – Navratri. Well for most of us festivals would mean lights, colours and lots of music and new clothes. For few it may just be another day with some hustle bustle around and at home. Every perspective has the magical power to create customised versions of stories for each occasion.

Navratri, as is believed, is one of those pious celebrations which marks the victory of good over evil. More than celebration, colours, sweets and food, we can sometimes look beyond and try to figure out the relevance of such occasions.

Why is it that an event which happened sometime is far far past is still celebrated each year and with evergreen enthusiasm? Is it just for entertainment and festivity sake that such events of past are remembered and rejoiced? A food for thought!!

Well, every cultural celebration is meant to reinforce certain learnings that had come up as a lesson from the event. Victory of good over evil – does this only mean that all criminals should be punished and all good people should live happily? Certainly Not! It is beyond one’s control to clear off all the evil from the society and the surrounding that we are in. However what is surely in our hands is to fight against the evil within us and let the good prosper.

For understanding the depth of such meanings associated with our festivals, it requires true preparation of mind. It is easy to point out mistakes or shortcomings in others but tough to acknowledge what one lacks within oneself. Thus the need for self preparation where mind is mentored to realize that identification of shortcomings is for the benefit of self and not condemnation. As is rightly said, “Noble virtues and the knowledge of self can only be gained when all evil tendencies in the mind are destroyed”. What better time that this occasion where goodness is all around with smell of sandalwood, sound of music praising the Goddess for her valour and victory, praises of goodness all around with realization that evil is always short-lived.

To gain victory over one’s mind, proper knowledge and understanding of self is mandatory. One does not only need to acknowledge those factors which need to be removed or improved but also those which are good within. If we only focus on what is bad within or what qualities we lack, our mind is filled with negativity and solutions are not found in such circumstances. Finding solutions to our problems require creativity which is absolutely lacking when negativity overpowers the mind.

So this Dussera, let us all try to focus on all the aspects of our living, good or bad. We can then productively fight against all evils that have entered and found a place within ourselves while simultaneously develop and grow all the goodness that we have been bestowed upon.

Happy Dussera!