Happy International Women’s Day

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How would you feel if you appear for an exam and the results never get declared?

Strange ?…… Just an imagination – try doing it. What feeling will come to you?


Well, I come across many people nagging about the importance of celebrating occasions like the one today – the International Women’s Day. This mostly happens when it comes to celebrating this day in their own homes.

It is not something which needs an explanation that women, especially in India, are always the backbone of their family. Whether working at home and office or just at home, they have a broad spectrum of responsibilities undertaken on their shoulders. Anytime a male member of the family does anything for the family (other than the presumed usual ones like being the bread earner), it is appreciated much more than what a usual female gets upon doing the same thing.

Every day, the women of the family undergo multiple seen and unseen tasks aimed at maintaining harmony, taking good care, contributing to growth and various others for each family member. Also, there are many others who are equally vital to their roles in their professional environment. It is not that they are always appreciated by others. While the women in working environment atleast have appraisals, women at home are away from any such recognition.

Not negating the fact that even working environment has true bias against women in the country, it is also true that not most of the home makers are not taken up significantly by the ones they value. Thus such a day as todays – the International Women’s Day.

Instead of opinionating about the rationale or need of such occasions, it will really be beautiful to understand the spirit of it. Let us all join hands together to wish and celebrate the important day of today to recognise, appreciate and show gratitude to all the women in our lives. Let us value the efforts and time they take to make our home the way it is!


(Disclaimer: This is a genuine opinion and does not imply to change perception of anyone; also this is nowhere a feminist mind raising concern article)

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