Small Things That Matter a Lot!

Today I am going to talk about a recent incident which came across my experience. We were rushing to the movie hall for watching one of the latest movies “Tashkent Files”. While many of you may be aware, this movie is based on the conspiracy underlying the death of the second prime minister of Independent India, Shri Lal Bahadur Shashtri. As we were waiting for the lift in the parking area, a child was getting very eager to rush up to the hall. The younger sibling of the child, however, wanted to grab something to eat before entering the movie hall. Things were quite normal until then, but then came something which felt not so correct to me.

The mother of the kids told her husband, the father, that its ok, even if we go little late, anyway they do advertisement and anthem n all! I was taken aback when even the father agreed. It may be a small thing but I felt that the parents took no notice of the elder kid (about 12 years of age) who insisted on going before the anthem. It was a shame, I felt!

When parents can show no respect for things of that stature, how can you expect your children to attach value to things that they should honour or respect. I, personally, feel good to go to movies and sing the National Anthem when played. This is because there are hardly times when we get the opportunity to sing this anthem after leaving school.

Concluding the article, I just want to highlight that there are small things which matter a lot. A child models his/ her parents and to a very extent their thoughts too. It is an inevitable truth. Help them in growing by valuing things and respecting them. Giving importance to small things like respecting animals, trees and people around is very important a lesson to impart. Take some time out with your kids to show them the diversity and variety of things and actions which make the world beautiful around us.

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