Most Effective Ways to Understand the Cause of Anger in a Child!

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To work upon the emotion of anger in a child, it is imperative to understand what ANGER means in itself. In the simplest of description:

Anger is the emotion which occurs when something does not go in the way a person wants it to. Talking about children, they have a very limited access to all that is available in the world. In other words, their world is smaller than the adults as they are yet to learn all that is required to express what they feel or think. So the facts, processes and events which they design in their mind are according to this limited supply of resources.

Does this not make it obvious that our anger as an adult is completely different from that of a child? It might probably be an outburst from a more suffocating situation.

Usually, what is required is simply a guidance or mechanism for these kids to know how to manage this strong emotion. It is very similar to the way kids are taught the virtue of discipline, respect and love. The natural response of the human body to anything troublesome or causing discomfort, is Anger. This cannot be changed and should not be changed to hinder a normal human process.

There are some key ways in which ANGER gets formed in a child. It is significant to understand these because working on solutions without knowing the cause of a problem is generally unproductive. Try to reflect upon the below aspects related to Anger in a child:

  1. Anger is a normal human emotion and thus not worrisome unless its intensity surpasses the level of normalcy.
  2. Anger is a response to accrued events.
  3. Anger may just be because of lack of Self Calming abilities.
  4. Anger should be observed as a natural tendency or feeling which requires guidance for its management
  5. Never ignore, mock or undermine any sign of discomfort shown by a child in any form. The next stage in this would be anger.
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